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Frequently Asked Questions

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Absolutely. We take client confidentiality seriously. Any personal information shared with us during the consultation or application process is securely stored and used solely for immigration-related purposes.
Our fee structure is outlined in the agreement signed between Red Leaf Immigration Pvt Ltd and the client. It covers consultation, documentation, application processing, and related services.
While we strive for accuracy and reliability, we do not guarantee the outcome of any immigration application. Final decisions are made by the respective immigration authorities.
We maintain open communication with our clients throughout the immigration process. You can expect regular updates on the progress of your application.
The duration of the immigration process varies depending on factors such as the destination country, visa category, and individual circumstances. Our experts will provide an estimated timeline based on your specific case.
Our team comprises experienced immigration consultants, legal experts, and visa specialists who are well-versed in immigration laws and procedures.
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